Flare-On 7 2020 Write-Ups

This year I participated in Flare-On 7 (2020) and I wanted to share my thoughts about this great CTF.



  1. Challenge #1 - Fidler
  2. Challenge #2 - garbage
  3. Challenge #3 - wednseday
  4. Challenge #4 - report
  5. Challenge #5 - TKApp
  6. Challenge #6 - codeit
  7. Challenge #7 - re_crowd
  8. Challenge #8 - Aardvark
  9. Challenge #9 - crackinstaller (in progress..)
  10. Challenge #10 - break (in progress..)
  11. Challenge #11 - rabbithole (in progress..)

What I Have Learned?

Writing writeups is important!

Hidden Visual Basic code (p-code)

As each VBA line is entered into the VBA editor, it is immediately compiled into p-code (a pseudo code for a stack machine) and stored in a different place in the module stream. The p-code is precisely what is executed most of the time.

You can see the code in Visual Basic but it actually doesn’t show you some of the code that exist in the p-code.

Security researcher interested in reversing, solving CTFs, malware analysis, penetration testing and DevOps security (docker and Kubernetes)

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